Top 10 Best Alternative of Google Adsense in Pakistan

Every blogger try to earn money using Google ad-sense because ad-sense has high paying ads from top companies of the world but mostly bloggers blogging start karty hi adsense k liye bhi apply kar dety han, Google un k blog ko review karny k bad content or visitor(agar original provide kiya gya ho) kam hony k waja se ad sense account approve nahi karta, keyun k world level par Google ka ek standard hai or Pakistan me to us k rules or bhi strict han, esi condition me kuch blogger earning k liye top 10 Most Popular Ad sense Alternatives ko search karty han Jo un k blog k liye ads provide kar saken or jab un ka blog popular ho jae to wo ad sense k liye apply kar saken. Here we are showing some best and hign paying Google ad-sense alternatives for some newbies but ad-sense alternatives k liye apply karny se pehly bhi aap ko apny blog k liye quality content provide kar k good traffic create karna parhy gi, So we’re sharing the Best Alternative of Google Adsense in Pakistan.Best Alternative of Google Adsense in Pakistan

Best Alternative of Google Adsense in Pakistan


Ad sense alternatives me Sub se pehly to media.net hai jo yahoo or Bing ka combine contextual ad network hai jo like ad-sense hi hai, yani ye page k content se related ads provide karta hai. Media.Net k rules bhi strict han kyun k ye bhi high paying ads only quality blogs ko hi provide karta hai.
Ye ad unit k bohut se size provide karta hai jis ko website ki kisi bhi position par adjust ho jaty han, Revenue impression ki base par bhi generate hota hai or PayPal k through Minimum $100 payout deta hai. Due to above reasons, Media.Net bhi kisi account ko itna easy approve nahi karta, Is liye is par apply karny se pehly Alexa par apny blog ki traffic check kar len jo minimum 250 visitors/day hai jis me se agar 5% traffic UK or USA ki ho to account easily approve ho jae ga.


Ye bhi blogs se monetization k liye ek reputed network hai, Jo February 2008 me launch ho kar jald hi bohut popular ho gya. Agar aap k blog par kafi traffic hai to buysellads k through achi earning ki ja sakti hai but you need to know k buysellads aap ki earning se kuch amount ad-providing services k charge karty han. Buysellads Ad-sense ka ek best alternate hai but ye bhi blogs or websites ko itna easily approve nahi karty. ye bhi blog ki traffic, PR or website ki age to check kar k approve karty han. Ek bar approve ho jae to aap achi earning kar sakty han or PayPal ya check k through minimum $50 payout le sakty han.

Tribal Fusion

Ye Ad-sense se bhi acha network hai but approved hony k liye aap ko is ki kuch requirements poori karna parhen gi, Jis me pehli requirement ye hai k aap k blog k monthly impressions 500,000 hon. So agar aap kisi tarha publisher ban jaen to ye aap ko Ad-sense se bhi zyada revenue provide kary ga.

Exit Junction

Ye network bhi good traffic waly blogs ko hi approve karta hai but is ka working method thorha sa different hai. Jab koi visitor aap ki site ko visit kar k off karny lagta hai to ye visitor k samny ek pop up window open karta hai jis se content se related ad hota hai agar user us par click kary to aap ka revenue generate ho jae ga, So you have to apply for it.


Ye bhi pay per click advertisement network hai Jisy Ad sense ka ek acha alternate samja jata hai.
Ye mostly total content me se kuch text par dot ya double dot lga deta hai, Jab user us par mouse le kar jata hai to ek small window me text ya rich media ads display kar deta hai. Info links par account approve karwana itna difficult nahi hai, revenue bhi acha hota hai, Jis k bad PayPal ya check k through minimum payout $50 or bank wire ya western union k through payout $100 hai.

Final word

IS network k through earning aap k blog ki traffic ki type par depend karta hai, kyun k agar aap ek professional han or stylish website create kar k original content provide kar sakty han to ye network aap k liye bohut useful hai, earning more money k liye aap ko kisi tarha ki difficulty nahi ho gi.


Ye bhi Google Ad-sense ka ek alternative hai jis ka approval easily hasil kar k earning ki ja sakti hai, but I want to tell you k ye network high paying ads provide nahi karta or impression par bhi revenue generate nahi hota, Is liye I think k Is k through revenue get karny me aap ko “Chatti ka Doodh” yad aa jae ga, or payout bhi aap k children hi karwa saken ge.

Author’s Point of View:
I examine k Ek door close hony k bad bhi agar hum searching karty rehen to hundred of other doors open ho jaty han, So Always remember k professional ban kar creative or real work se hi achi earning ki ja sakti hai, Uper kuch Google Adsense Alternative site di gae han but kuch more high paying site bhi han like; eDomz, Gunggo, CasaleMedia, Advertising and ValueClick Media etc.
You can choose any of these Best Alternative of Google Adsense in Pakistan, But Jab aap kisi ad network k through approve ho kar earn karen to apna experience new bloggers k liye zaroor share kare, or agar kisi good network ka pata chaly to hamen zaroor suggest karen.

Australian Man Dies in Parasailing Accident in Pucket Thailand

An Australian businessman has died after plunging 70 meters into shallow water while para sailing off the island of Pucket, Thailand

Understanding Building Construction Types

At some point ahead of schedule in a firefighter’s vocation—as a rule as a component of flame school—building construction companies in dubai  is touted to be a standout amongst the most essential things firefighters ought to know about in their new exchange. They figure out how to date a building, foresee fall propensities and examples, decide fire seriousness from smoke factors and, as this article addresses, how to best ventilate the structure.

Building Construction

Building Construction

Buildings are separated into five classifications, extending from the stoutest of construction to what will no doubt flop quickly when under flame conditions. Each building sort has particular qualities that stepping stool organizations must be acquainted with so they can ventilate the building in the most secure and most productive way that could be available.

A building is best recognized amid preplanning, yet there are particular highlights that will enable firefighters to distinguish the building sort as they pull up on scene. There are additionally a few symptomatic methods that step organizations can utilize when they’re very close with a building.

Note: notwithstanding how the building sort influences fire conduct and ventilation, fire code necessities drive many building highlights that influence step organization strategies. In particular, numerous districts take after Universal Building Code and NFPA 101 as it identifies with building code arrangements.

We should now address what stepping stool teams should think about each building sort.

Type 1: Fire-Resistive
Sort 1 structures are tall structures, and they’re the stoutest of all development sorts when presented to flame. Elevated structures are typically characterized as buildings more than 75 feet tall, with a few organizations making corrections for buildings that are 35– 55 feet tall.

Sort 1 structures are developed of concrete and secured (steel covered with a heat proof material, regularly a solid blend), and are intended to hold fire for versatile club spaces an expanded measure of time so as to keep the fire under control in the room or potentially floor of root.

Sort 1 structures are anything but difficult to recognize on stature alone. It’s critical for firefighters to know their city’s building codes, as this may influence which highlights are found inside the structures.

Type 2: Non-Combustible
Sort 2 construction is ordinarily found in new buildings and rebuilds of business structures. The dividers and rooftops are developed of non-flammable materials. In particular, dividers are normally fortified brick work or tilt section, while rooftops have metal auxiliary individuals and decking. The highest point of these rooftops are regularly secured with lightweight solid, froth, a protected layer or a blend of these materials. Since the majority of these buildings are more up to date fabricates, they’re for the most part up to code and incorporate fire concealment frameworks. What’s more, since metal rooftops may fall flat with warm—not simply from coordinate fire—expect early crumple, particularly in a portion of the greater buildings that have a significant fire stack.

Type 3: Ordinary
Sort 3 buildings can be of either new or old construction, and they have non-ignitable dividers and a wood rooftop. More established construction buildings may comprise of unreinforced stone work and have a routinely encircled rooftop, while more up to date buildings will have lightweight rooftop frameworks bolstered by strengthened brick work or tilt chunk. The most widely recognized sorts of rooftop frameworks in a business setting of Type 3 construction incorporate parallel string truss and panelized rooftop frameworks.

To recognize if a building is of a more established style, firefighters should search for intimations, for example, neckline ties, lord’s columns and angled lintels. In the event that working on one of these buildings, firefighters ought to be suspect of traditionally confined materials that might be weathered, developed rooftops or rooftop over rooftop frameworks. In the event that it is resolved that the rooftop is reasonable, a stepping stool organization ought to have the capacity to successfully utilize cutting tools to ventilate the building and make the fitting cuts in light of the kind of rooftop framework.

Type 4: Heavy Timber
Sort 4 construction is found in more seasoned buildings and uses substantial dimensional timber for basic individuals and inside components. These buildings hold up well under flame conditions, however it’s important that firefighters not feel a misguided sensation that all is well and good, as these buildings are regularly inadequately kept up, or have termites as well as weathering issues that can add to a sooner than-anticipated crumple.

Firefighters can recognize these buildings by the expansive wood utilized for dividers and the long separation of rooftop ranges. These buildings were most generally worked before 1960, when jolts and metal plates were utilized as connectors.

Vertical ventilation might be accomplished on these buildings, however sawyers may experience thicker-than-anticipated decking that may make for a more drawn out fruition of a ventilation opening.

Type 5: Wood-Framed
Sort 5 construction is found in numerous cutting edge homes. The dividers and rooftops are made of flammable materials—most generally wood. In the event that the dividers are wood-confined, the rooftop normally is too. Housetops are earthenware tile or black-top shingles put over lightweight trusses and OSB. Both UL and NIST thinks about have discovered that lightweight construction will bomb close to coordinate fire impingement.

Firefighters should sound the dividers preceding setting off to the housetop. In the case of working on tile or black-top housetops, other options to housetop ventilation ought to be considered if there is substantial upper room contribution. On the off chance that fire is disengaged to a room, flashover (not fall) is the fundamental concern, and forceful ventilation is advantageous. Since the rooftops are made of wood, ventilation can happen through the black-top shingles, however tiles ought to be evacuated first if experienced. Positive-weight assault is another instrument that may demonstrate helpful for Type 5 construction.

7 Foods To Help Lower Uric Acid Levels

High levels of uric acid in the body are responsible for a condition called gout (a form of arthritis). Gout is a painful condition characterized by sudden onset of severe attacks of pain, inflammation, redness and tenderness in joints, most common site being the big toe. Gout is more often encountered by men.
Most people with high uric acid levels don’t necessarily develop gout. It is when the uric acid levels become high enough and form crystals that gout occurs.

Net increase in uric acid levels is caused either when there is increased production of it in the body, or in case of decreased elimination of it. The following factors may increase uric acid levels in the body:

Increased alcohol intake
Genetic predisposition
A condition called hypothyroidism
Vitamin B3 (also known as niacin)
Diet rich in purine (organ meat, gravy, dried beans, mushrooms)
Renal insufficiency – decreased function of the kidneys in filtering and getting rid of waste
Here are some foods that can help decrease high uric acid levels.

Bananas have been proven great when it comes to lowering uric acid levels. A form of diet for patients with gout or other type of arthritis is the “banana-only” diet.

In this diet, eight to nine bananas are to be taken in a day, and this has to be continued for three to four days, to alleviate the signs and symptoms of inflammation as well as swelling of joints associated with gout and other forms of arthritis.

Apart from bananas, another naturally occurring produce to help combat high levels of the said chemical compound in the body are strawberries. They’re delicious when eaten directly, and in case one is not fond of its taste, they can always enjoy a smoothie!

Apples are rich in malic acid. This acid nullifies the effects of uric acid by neutralizing it, consequently providing relief to the sufferers. It is recommended to consume one apple a day to make good use of its benefits, especially in this regard.

Cherries are known to contain anthocyanin, which is an anti-inflammatory substance. It prevents uric acid levels from rising and also prevents crystallization of the chemical compound.

Hence, consequently, the chances of deposition of crystals of uric acids in the joints and causing gout or any other sort of inflammation are markedly reduced. It helps with the inflammation and pain by also neutralizing the acid. The recommended daily dose of cherries to bring down uric acid levels is 200 grams.

Water is essential for all things living. It helps with gout by removing toxins and flushing out excess uric acid from the body. Recommended daily intake of water is 10-12 glasses daily.

An important and easy home remedy to lower uric acid levels is carrot juice mixed with beetroot and cucumber juice.

According to University of Maryland Medical Centre, foods crammed with fiber greatly help in lowering the levels of the chemical compound, uric acid.

We can find a world of remedies in these delicious foods. It’s all about having the will to explore them.

Palestine - The moment 13y kid is released From Israeli Jails.

Palestine - The moment 13-year-old Palestinian, Mohammad Attia, is released after spending 100 days in Israeli jails.

Different Types of Printers Technology

In processing, a printer is a fringe gadget which makes a tenacious comprehensible portrayal of designs or content on paper or comparable physical media. The main PC printer configuration was a mechanically determined device by Charles Babbage for his distinction motor in the nineteenth century; his mechanical printer configuration was not worked until 2000.

The primary electronic printer was the EP-101, concocted by Japanese organization Epson and discharged in 1968.The first business printers by and large utilized components from electric typewriters and Teletype machines. The interest for higher speed prompted the advancement of new frameworks particularly for PC utilize.

In the 1980s were daisy wheel frameworks like typewriters, line printers that delivered comparable yield however at substantially higher speed, and speck network frameworks that could blend content and illustrations yet created generally low-quality yield. The plotter was utilized for those requiring top-notch line workmanship like outlines.

Printers Technology

Printers Technology

The presentation of the minimal effort laser printer in 1984 with the principal LaserJet which is a hp printer technology dealers in Dubai product and the expansion of PostScript in one year from now’s Apple LaserWriter, set off a transformation in printing known as desktop distributing. Laser printers utilizing PostScript blended content and designs, similar to dab framework printers, yet at quality levels once in the past accessible just from business typesetting frameworks.

By 1990, most straightforward printing errands like fliers and handouts were currently made on PCs and after that laser printed; costly balance printing frameworks were being dumped as scrap.

The HP Deskjet of 1988 offered an indistinguishable point of interest from laser printer as far as adaptability, however, delivered to some degree bring down quality yield (contingent upon the paper) from significantly less costly systems.

Inkjet frameworks quickly uprooted speck grid and daisy wheel printers from the market. By the 2000s excellent printers of this sort had fallen under the $100 value point and ended up noticeably ordinary.

The quick refresh of web email through the 1990s and into the 2000s has generally uprooted the requirement for printing as a method for moving reports, and a wide assortment of dependable stockpiling frameworks implies that a “physical reinforcement” is of a little advantage today.

Indeed, even the want for printed yield for “disconnected perusing” while on mass travel or flying machine has been uprooted by digital book perusers and tablet PCs. Today, customary printers are being utilized more for uncommon purposes, such as printing photos or fine art, and are not anymore an unquestionable requirement have fringe.

Beginning around 2010, 3D printing turned into a territory of exceptional enthusiasm, permitting the production of physical items with an indistinguishable kind of exertion from an early laser printer required to create a handout.

Ink Jet Printers
The most widely recognized sort of PC printer for the customer showcase is the ink fly printer. A portion of the least expensive printers accessible in PC stores are ink fly printers, while a portion of the best quality shading ink fly printers can be the most costly, and there are apparently unlimited assortments in the middle. An ink fly printer puts a picture onto a bit of paper by splashing little beads of fluid ink specifically onto the paper.

The inks have a tendency to be a fluid blend of water, glycol, and color or shades, with the more affordable color based inks tending to blur speedier than the more costly color based sorts. Ink cartridges can be evacuated and supplanted as required, with a few printers utilizing just a single cartridge for all inks and others utilizing separate cartridges for each shading (normally cyan, maroon, yellow and dark.)

Ink stream printers have a tendency to be the calmest of all the buyer printers, have a brisk warm-up time, are moderately shabby to utilize, and the nature of shading prints made with photograph particular ink fly printers can be marvelous. In any case, ink cartridges must be supplanted every now and again, and the ink can be costly, in addition to the water-based ink makes prints that are especially helpless against water harm. Most ink stream printers have a tendency to have a determination of 300 DPI.

Laser Printers
A laser printer is a toner-based PC printer that uses a laser shaft to deliver a picture on a drum, which at that point electrically draws in the powdered toner to the paper to shape a picture. Laser printers tend to make fresh high contrast prints rapidly and precisely, particularly message.

Laser printers utilize an expandable toner cartridge, much like a photocopying machine. High contrast laser printers utilize one toner cartridge while shading laser printers can either utilize one cartridge for all hues or separate cartridges for each shading that can be supplanted independently as the need emerges.

The determination of laser printers can be substantially higher than those of ink fly printers – going from 1200 DPI on purchaser models as far as possible up to 2400 DPI for proficient machines – which makes for exceptionally fresh and clear content and line craftsmanship. Shading prints of photos can be made with shading ink stream printers, however, the nature of the top of the line ink fly printers which supplied by printer suppliers in Dubai has a tendency to be much smoother and more exact.

Dot Matrix Printers
An old stalwart in the domain of PCs, the spot framework printer keeps on being used in homes and independent ventures because of its tough toughness and minimal effort of utilization. Pictures are connected to a paper by a printhead that strikes the paper through a strip implanted with ink—much like an out-dated .

The print head exchanges one line of content or one thin cut of a realistic at once, utilizing a variety of little dabs to collect the print, and it moves forward and backward over the page while propelling the paper little by little until the point that the printing is finished. The paper utilized as a part of speck lattice printers tends to accompany removable edges that are punctured with a line of little gaps that are utilized to propel the paper as it prints.

While the nature of the printing conveyed by dab network printers isn’t as high as that of inkjets or lasers, a significant number of the most recent dab framework printers accompany a Near Letter Quality element that overprints words until the point that they seem fresh and clean. These printers are uproarious, notwithstanding, and not so quick as alternate printers.

TOP 11 Potential Shopping Cities : All About !

Do you want to renew your wardrobe but don’t know where to go? Here is the list of the best of the best shopping cities that offer to have the most productive and pleasant shopping tour. Of course, the list is not full. Nevertheless, you can learn about the most perspective shopping directions. Go on!

London, UK

London became the main shopping capital of the world. There is nothing strange in it. You can walk along the famous Bond Street, come to see the legendary Piccadilly and Oxford Street to see everything with your own eyes. The variety of shops makes you crazy! Debenhams, John Lewis, Fenwick, Selfridges, Harrods…the list can be prolonged. You can find the antique salons and brand boutiques, souvenir shops and perfumery stores.
Outside LFW Sep 17 - 05

New York, USA

There are many tourists who go to New York to admire the glassy skyscrapers, the Liberty Statue. Whatever aim you have, you cannot miss your chance to visit the main shopping center of the world. Do you still think that you can find the huge shops and boutiques in the city center? You are wrong. You can also find them all over the city, even in the most unpleasant city regions. By the way, welcome to NY! There are big sales all over the year.

Milan, Italy

Every stylish girl always dreams to go to shop to Milan – European stylish capital. Gucci, Versace, Prada, D&G, Armani, Fendi, Hermes, Tiffany&Co, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and many other boutiques are always ready to welcome you. Never forget to visit Serravalle – big fashion outlet in Italy. If you want to find the cheaper prices, you can go to buy something in the city suburbs.

Tokyo, Japan

This is a city that impresses everyone with the newest technologies. If you want to buy a couple of interesting gadgets, welcome to Tokyo! There are many huge trade centers that impress with their originality and democratic prices for the electronic goods. What is more, Tokyo is also the motherland of two popular cloth brands – Yohji Yamamoto and Kenzo. The industry of hand-made jewelry is also developed.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. You should visit it three times a week: March, May and December. These three months are the craziest in the year. This is because of sales. You should visit Berjaya Times Square, Imbi Plaza, Kuala Lumpur Plaza, Lot 10, Pavilion KL, Starhill Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza in the region of Bukit Bintang, the main trade city point. There are special city regions full of the souvenir shops. This is your chance to buy the unique souvenirs from the Indian culture.

Dubai, UAE

Of course, your rest in Dubai cannot be cheap. Nevertheless, the shopping here is adequate and different. You can have the lowest import tax for the design clothes, shoes, jewelry. Go to visit the The Dubai Mall, Bur Juman, Mall of the Emirates to buy everything that you like. The trade complexes of Dubai are well-designed and impressive. They are full of different attractions.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is a capital of the cinema industry. That is why the city is always full of the popular boutiques, elite brand shops. It is absolutely typical for Los Angeles to meet the popular actors and other celebrities in the cloak room of one or another shop. You can also buy the unique dresses and suits that the movie stars dresses for their movies. Of course, you can find the salons of the world popular brands. You may visit Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York. Of course, the most popular place in Los Angeles is Rodeo Drive! Looking for the presents for friends and family, go to the Hollywood Boulevard.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a paradise for all who wants to spend money. This is a big sea of different goods – it makes you dizzy. The trade centers are full of electronic goods, exotic animals, plants, jewelry, antique salons and the atmospheric souvenir shops. Of course, you can visit the huge shopping malls to buy clothes. Be careful: locals always try to sell original goods and fake for the same price. Raffles City Shanghai, Shanghai New World, Shanghai Fashion Store – the goods are always high quality here.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a motherland of the world popular brand for the middle-budget people. Mango, ZARA, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Bershka, Stradivarius – clothes of these brands are popularly worn all over the world. If you already have the shops of these brands in your city, you should also come to visit them in Barcelona. As a rule, fashion designers sell the brilliants of their collections on the motherland. There are hundreds and hundreds of elite shops in Barcelona. Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada and others are waiting for you on Passeig de Gracia.

Paris, France

Paris is the city that took the most popular fashion names to the world. The capital of art gathers the hundreds and hundreds shopping lovers from all over the planet all together for shopping. You should visit Les Halles, Boulevard Haussmann and Place des Victoires. You can buy perfumery, elegant jewelry, design clothes. What is more, the city junk markets are also worth visiting. They are full of the unique and authentic souvenirs that you cannot find somewhere else.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the most colorful capitals in the world. So, the shopping here can be interesting. The most popular region for shopping here is Chiado. The most popular goods for shopping are jewelry. Hunting for the ceramic goods and lovely souvenirs, go to Baixa. You can also find the wooden souvenirs, natural clothes, footwear here. The lowest prices in Portugal you can find in Faro. Hire a car in Faro and got to visit the popular shops and ancient street markets. The prices are lower than in the capital. The street markets make your shopping colorful and impressive. You can buy something unique here! The price for jewelry is the lowest in Faro.

Google Website Traffic Tips and Steps to Take

Here is a sneak peak at just some of the stuff that will escalate your traffic to your site from the Google search engine. There's far too much for just a short article really. So, in this case, I'll just run over the fundamentals for now. 

Firstly you are not dealing with a greedy sales person here. Google is extremely strategic when it comes to market share and sustainability. They want as many people to use their search facilities as possible by choice. In other words they want the public to choose Google over every other serach engine. To do this, you have to make everyone's visit a good experience. When someone types in a kwd. phrase like horse saddles, they expect results to be fairly pleasing and on the mark. If they receive results about cars or adsense sites that have little or nothing to do with what they typed in, they may decide to use another search engine. 

Why did I go through that long winded example? Because you need to understand that principle to get more ORGANIC traffic to your site! 

You see over time, other sites and people vote on sites by (most often) linking back to a good piece of information from their own site, a web 2 site (ie. Weebly.com, Squidoo.com, Hubpages.com or Bookmark sites like Deli.ci.ous, Furl.com, Stumbleupon, Reddit and so on) or something similar. 

The higher the respect or trust a site has that provides that back-link, the more affect it has on the receiving page/site. Historically back-links from edu or gov sites have lots of ranking power and when they back-link (same as a vote) to another site they pass on some of their trust. I like to call it grunt! Google can detect this. It acts on this activity and indicates its approval by way of a page rank increase to the receiving site. It's a ranking from 1 out of ten. Only a handful of sites reach a page rank of ten. 

You can also go to sites that provide back-links as a service. It's called text-link advertising. This costs you money of course. Although this is quite legal, Google frowns upon its practise when it's used for manipulating Google's (voting) system for the reasons I've just explained. 

If you have been found to manipulate their system, they can and most likely will strip your site of any trust gained through that manipulation. Personally, I think it's better to sleep peacefully each night and try and earn back-links the best way I know how and that's through interesting or usable content. That said, I'm not always successful but it's something we all become better at. 

All in all, it's a good system the boys at Google have concocted, because it's hard to see it working any other way yet. If we have guidelines for quality, it allows us all to work towards and achieve goals while maintaining healthy competition. 

The Nitty-Gritty 

If you have two authority sites, say with a page rank of 7 pointing at your page or site, that will push you up through the pages much further than 100 pages with a page rank of 1 or 0 and even perhaps a pagerank of 2 and 3. My point is that all is not what it seems. It is harder to get from a pagerank of 4 to a page rank 5 than it is to get from a page rank 1 to a page rank of 2. The hurdles become greater. On-page optimization as well as off-page optimization (back-linking) become even more important. 

You can see now why Google takes so much more notice if your site has aquired a back-link from a site with a PR6 especially if it's been pointing at your site longer than a year or two. Yes, longevity does count. 


If the index page of a site has a PR7 but the page you have received a back-link from is PR0. Do you think you will still receive PR7 grunt (pagerank juice). No you won't! Many text-link advertisng merchants or firms apply this scenario and in a nutshell, you're just being ripped off. 


LOL...there is no secret. Just provide original, interesting, subject related and researched material to your visitors. Give them a reason to bookmark or link to your site with everything you do, and they'll be back and bring others with them (in a sense). Provide material which is valuable and closely related to your sites purpose. The term closely related means exactly that.

TCS Sentiments Express Proudly Presents “GIFT BACK FRIDAY”

TCS Sentiments Express Proudly Presents “GIFT BACK FRIDAY”
November is always special for all online shopping websites and the ecommerce industry. On one hand where worldwide events like Black Friday, Double Eleven, singles day etc. are celebrated with record breaking numbers, Pakistan also has started celebrating its very own events like Black Friday. TCS Sentiments Express Proudly Presents “GIFT BACK FRIDAY”.
Initially, the Black Friday event was not opted as much by all ecommerce players in Pakistan. But after the successful execution of TCS Yayvo Black Friday campaign in the previous year, almost all ecommerce players started following the event with an even greater speed. Some do it with the name; “White Friday”, while some call it the “Blessed Friday Campaign”. But almost every ecommerce is now following a November sales event.

TCS Sentiments Express Proudly Presents “GIFT BACK FRIDAY”

This is not the end! Even offline platforms and brands are now offering Black Friday deals. TCS E-com has not only ignited the Black Friday campaigns, but has also created plenty of other events like Ismay, Birthday Bash, 10/10 sales and many others.
Continuing this successful spree, for the first time ever, TCS Sentiments Express being the market leader in online gifting and occasion based services, is launching “Gift Back Friday”. Gift Back Friday is the name given to acknowledge all those special people in our lives, who have given us a special identity in this world. This is the time when one can freely express their utmost sentiments to their love ones.
Gift Back Friday is the name of an opportunity where TCS Sentiments is providing you a prospect of pre-booking whole years’ events in one go and let TCS deliver and remind you on time. This is an event where you can avail up to 90% off. Going with such crazy discounts, TCS aims to provide an equal opportunity for you all to surprise your loved ones.
Gift Back Friday is a day of acknowledgement, a day of appreciation and a day of spreading love and peace. It enables you with a way of Gifting back to the love of your Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers, Wife, and Husband, Friends, Family, relatives and even the ones who hate you.
Gift Back Friday is a day when distant hearts meet again, when quarrels are resolved and forgiven, celebration of upcoming events, spreading joy and removing hate. It’s a day where you think of doing something that can express how much you care for them. You just start thinking and we deliver it to you.
Gift back Friday is a day of spreading love. No matter how far you are, you can still reach out to your family and relatives. Just place your order online at sentimentsexpress.comand get your sentiments delivered across the border.
So, this Gift Back Friday shop for your loved ones and avail the best opportunity that TCS Sentiments is providing you this November where you can pre-book whole years’ events and also cherish your relatives and family with up to 90% off and huge additional discounts as well. The event is starting from 17th November.
You can also win 5 Tola GOLD. Upcoming days would unveil other great offerings that TCS sentiments have to offer on this Gift Back Friday. Stay Tuned and mark the dates.

Instagram is Testing a Feature that Lets You Follow Hashtags

Instagram is Testing a Feature that Lets You Follow Hashtags
You must be glad to know that Instagram will now allow the users to follow the hashtag.Yes,  Instagram is Testing a Feature that Lets You Follow Hashtags on its picture-sharing social platform.
Currently, On Instagram you can follow other users and other users can follow you back.  It is a system that works, but doesn’t help you stay on top of trending hashtags or custom-made hashtags.However, it was recently discovered by Twitter user Pippa Akram (via TNW) that Instagram appears to be testing out a new feature that lets the users follow hashtags instead. This means that whenever someone uses the hashtagthat you follow, you will be able to see it. It seems that it would be quite interesting feature.

Instagram is Testing a Feature that Lets You Follow Hashtags

This new feature is actually handy because if there are specific posts that you enjoy, for example posts about #birds or #flowers, then instead of following multiple individualInstagram accounts, you would just follow the hashtag and get everything related to it. That’s simply WOW!
You can use apps like TweetDeck or Hootsuite on Twitter, to follow and keep tabs on specific hashtags rather manually searching for them each and every time. It seems to follow hashtags on Instagram would work the same way. It would also change the way of use of Instagram as we currently do.
Instagram will allow users keep better tabs on topics that matter to them. To follow hashtag could also be very useful for keeping tabs on breaking news.
Instagram is growing rapidly and new option to follow hashtags will help in faster expansion.

SoftBank to Invest $ 1bn in Uber

SoftBank to Invest $ 1bn in Uber
After months of talks, the paper work is done. Japanese SoftBank Group investment has reached a deal with Uber to invest billions in the ride-hailing giant. SoftBank to Invest $ 1bn in Uber. It has been informed that it includes a $1 billion investment in the company at the last private valuation of nearly $70 billion.
The group led by SoftBank and Dragoneer Investment Group also plans to invest a much larger amount by buying up to $9 billion in Uber shares from employees and other shareholders. This will bring its total ownership to at least 14% of the company. It is expected that these shares to be purchased at a lower valuation.

SoftBank to Invest $ 1bn in Uber

It has been reported that the tender offer is scheduled to launch November 28. It would continue for approximately 20 business days. This is going to be the largest secondary transaction in history of shareholders.
Regarding this partnership, Uber Said:
“We’ve entered into an agreement with a consortium led by SoftBank and Dragoneer on a potential investment. We believe this agreement is a strong vote of confidence in Uber’s long-term potential. Upon closing, it will help fuel our investments in technology and our continued expansion at home and abroad, while strengthening our corporate governance.”
The deal will only be possible when enough Uber shareholders opt to sell shares. The long-awaited deal was publicly announced in October. But it was delayed by a corporate governance and legal dispute between investor Benchmark Capital and ousted CEO Travis Kalanick. Both sides ended their confrontation on Sunday.
Kalanick has agreed to allow a majority of board members to vote on any future appointments he makes. Currently he is controlling three of 11 seats on the Uber board.
The tender offer is turning point for the company. This is a crucial moment for team Uber.