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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Galaxy Note 8 Phones Won’t Charge or Turn On when Battery Hits Zero

Galaxy Note 8 Phones Won't Charge or Turn On when Battery Hits Zero

Some Galaxy S8 users have reported that their phones are are not turning on or getting charged after their battery drain completely. It seems Samsung is aware of this issue already, that’s why replacing its batteries once issue is reported. We don’t have an exact figure yet regarding the number of Galaxy Note 8 devices having this issue. Galaxy Note 8 Phones Won’t Charge or Turn On when Battery Hits Zero.
Users have also complained that just when their battery reached to 0%, Note 8 refused to accept charge or turn on. They even used different cables and chargers assuming that these things might have issue.  However when their phone still refused to get charge, they reported Samsung thinking that these phones have some kind of issue.

Galaxy Note 8 Phones Won’t Charge or Turn On when Battery Hits Zero

On Samsung official forums, an administrator named SamsungMel  have asked the customers to return their devices for a warranty replacement unit.
SamsungMel said in a blog post that:
 “This particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately,”
There are also rumors that Galaxy Note 8 phones bought from carriers such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint are having some problem.
Samsung is having bad times as last year Galaxy Note 7 battery exploded, leaving company with poor reputation. This is a less traumatic issue but will definitely affect Samsung’s reputation.


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