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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Google Signs Deal with Unified Stylus Initiative, Trying to Increase Pen Adoption

Google Signs Deal with Unified Stylus Initiative
As we all know that Google always remain busy in introducing new initiatives. Now Google Signs Deal with Unified Stylus Initiative, Trying to Increase Pen Adoption. The main purpose of this partnership is develop a unified stylus standard. So now soon you will be able to use one pen on all of your devices.

Google Signs Deal with Unified Stylus Initiative, Trying to Increase Pen Adoption

Universal Stylus Initiative was founded in 2015. Its goal is to make a single standard for all stylus manufacturers. Not only Google, many other companies like LenovoHuawei and Intel have also become partner with it.
The company has finalized the specifications of USI 1.0 Stylus and Device back in September 2016. It allows various pens from a variety of companies to work on multiple devices. Styli works via a two-way communication protocol, that shares data like pressure levels, button presses and eraser operation.
Starting with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google proposed a standard data format for stylus connections via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and USB. The standard also supports 9 axis inertial measurement and 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Nowadays, styli are mostly used in tablets and touch-capable laptops.
Soon we will see it in more Google devices.


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